Colourism in Jamaica feat. Kadija Richards, Sports Psychology Consultant (003)

Colourism is something that has been entangled in the fabric of Jamaican culture from the time of slavery and it still affects us in the present day. Or is it just all in our heads? In this episode, we have a conversation with Sports Psychology Consultant, Kadija Richards, about Colourism in Jamaica.
In this episode, with the insight of Sports Psychology Consultant, Kadija Richards, we discuss the following as it relates to Colourism in Jamaica:

  • What colour do you think you are?
  • Definitions of Colourism vs Racism
  • History of Colourism, and how it is connected to slavery
  • Jamaican colourism references
  • Your family experience with colourism growing up in Jamaica
  • Colourism: The US vs the JA context
  • What of the white or lighter Jamaican experience?
  • What are the traditional colourism experiences? - Anecdotal or Truth?
  • How far have we come?
  • How is colourism masked now?
    • Party pic discrimination. Hey or nay?
    • Are natural haired, plus sized, dark-skinned girls being ignored in the party space?
  • Colourism & Athletics
  • Colourism and Social Class
  • Effects of Colourism
    • Bleaching
  • Colourism - The perspective of the giver vs the receiver and awareness of privilege. 
  • How do we break the cycle?

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Colourism in Jamaica feat. Kadija Richards, Sports Psychology Consultant (003)
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