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TALK TRUTH, is a weekly ‘INSPIR-EDU-TAINMENT’ podcast discussing the things that most people are afraid to, from a Jamaican perspective.  

See more in the 'About' section, and we look forward to having you on this journey of honest conversation, where your truth shall become your power, and set you free. 

Blessed love, 

Latest Episodes

Season Finale: Keeping it very real, Season Review & 'Ask M.E.' (060)

In this episode (060) of Talk Truth, I keep it very real and talk truth about many of the things currently on my mind from relationships to career and mental health. I...

Identity & Cultural Duality feat. Tonille Watkis (059)

In this episode (059) of Talk Truth, I speak to actress, drama teacher and the reigning Miss Planet Jamaica, Tonille Watkis, about identity and cultural duality. Toni...

The Mind-Star Connection feat. Alina Apostol (058)

In this episode (058) of Talk Truth, I speak to Psychotherapist/Psychological Astrologer, Alina Apostol, about what I call the Mind-Star Connection and how astrology a...

A Spirit of Kindness feat. Jason Evans (057)

In this episode (057) of Talk Truth, I speak to the Founder and Chairman of the ‘Friends of a Child Help Foundation’, Jason Evans, about how he developed and nurtured ...

Breakups & Unrequited Love (056)

In this episode (056) of Talk Truth, I speak about breakups and unrequited love, places many of us have been at some point in our lives. Take a listen.

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