My Journey as a Fashion Designer/Illustrator feat. Ayanna Dixon (023)

In this episode, I speak to Ayanna Dixon, Fashion Designer, Illustrator and owner/creator of her brand, ASD. We discuss her journey to becoming a fashion designer and illustrator, some of her struggles along the way, embracing opportunities, entrepreneurship, goal setting, and so much more.

In this episode, I speak to Ayanna Dixon (@ayanna.asd), Fashion Designer, Illustrator and owner/creator of her brand, ASD (@by.asd).  We discuss her journey to becoming a fashion designer and illustrator, some of her struggles along the way, embracing opportunities, entrepreneurship, goal setting, and so much more.  Here’s what we discussed:

  • Who is Ayanna?
  • Tell me about your background growing up in Jamaica?
  • Do you lean more to feeling or structure?
  • Was there a distinct point in your life when you realised that you wanted to be a fashion designer?
  • Once deciding what was your journey like? (e.g. Education, internships etc.)
  • How long was fashion school and what degree did you graduate with?
  • What was your accommodation like in NY?
  • What was the transition like back to Jamaica?
  • Why did you transition from your 9-5 to entrepreneurship?
  • Do you have any regrets choosing your brand over a 9-5?
  • Tell us about your Mission Catwalk journey?
  • Tell us about some of the other opportunities your creative journey has created for you?
  • You were kicked out at a point in your life.  What were some of your kick-out hustles?
  • What is the range of products being offered by ASD?
  • What are the future plans for ASD?
  • What’s goal-setting like for you?
  • If you were to speak to any young male/female interested in getting into fashion or anything that they love, what would you tell them?
  • Where can you be found?

Fashion Designer and Illustrator, Ayanna Dixon has trained both at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts and The Art Institute of New York. After studying in New York, Ayanna moved home and started her business ASD. She is a Branson Entrepreneur, Scotia Bank Vision Achiever and has placed second in Jamaica's first reality television Fashion Designing contest Mission Catwalk, shown at Miami Beach International Fashion Week, received the First Global Banks Fashion Grant and represented Jamaica at the International Fashion Showcase in London and CARIFESTA XIII.

ASD was founded in 2010 by trained fashion designer, Ayanna Dixon. Originally ASD hosted two lines; Custom clothing for the Caribbean woman and Illustrated lifestyle items. After following her fashion design dreams Ayanna realised a shift in her love and began to do only illustrated products in 2017. ASD's distinctive collection has been sold in 3 of Jamaica’s top boutiques and plans of taking the brand internationally are already in the works.

All ASD products are made locally in Kingston, Jamaica. Our designer/illustrator creates everything with a little magic and love with her small team of Jamaican based artisans and experts.

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“I’m the architecture of fabric, which is fashion,” (as Ayanna describes the fusion of her parents’ personalities with hers as a creative)

“I think it’s important as a creative to have key friends with structural backgrounds.” - Ayanna Dixon (if you are someone who tends to create more so based on feeling)

“I want to be the Jamaican version of Donna Karan.” - Ayanna Dixon

“Even if you don’t feel you are ready, you will grow so much from the opportunity, trying to be ready.”

“Empowering women one illustration at a time.” (Representation matters)

“Winging it with a plan.”

“Believe in yourself.  Have at least one person in your corner.” (Advice to a young person looking to get into fashion or anything they love.)

“When people share their dreams with you, you don’t need to be overly critical.”

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