What's Your Health Status? (016)

In this episode, I ask you what have you done to ensure that you are remaining healthy and continue to remain healthy, but I do this by using my personal journey through a few health issues that I never saw coming, but have chosen to face head-on.
Here is the show outline:

  • My cholesterol journey
  • Factors that affect compliance with healthy behaviour
  • My hearing health journey
  • My vocal health journey
  • Unhealthy health narratives
  • My gym journey
  • Things I do to stay healthy
  • My perspective on death from ‘Ole age’
  • Sexual Health
  • Know your health indices and seek help if and when necessary.

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 “I’d rather be checked out than suffer from something that I could have prevented.” - Mario Evon

“Your health is your wealth, so take care of yourself.” - Mario Evon

“Keep trying, because it’s a journey.  Your changes won’t happen overnight.” - Mario Evon

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What's Your Health Status? (016)
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