Jamaica Then vs Now feat. Wendel Guthrie (015)

In this episode, I bring my father, Dr. Wendel Guthrie, back to the table, as I speak with him about his experience in Jamaica then versus now. Living in pre-independence Jamaica as a country boy from Westmoreland, to living in a more modernized Jamaica as a professional living and working in Kingston.
In this episode, I discuss Jamaica then versus now with my dad, Dr. Wendel Guthrie, as he outlines many of the things that were, and how they have changed from pre to post-independence:

How old are you?
When did Jamaica become independent?
Tell me about Jamaica pre-independence and growing up at that time?
Where in Westmoreland are you from?
What type of currency were we using pre-independence?
What was society like at that time with a British rule?
What was fashion like?
What was accessibility like e.g. in entertainment - new movies and music?
What other music was playing pre-independence?
What was your household disciplinary structure?
What were the opening hours of establishments like?
What was infrastructure like pre-independence and in rural Jamaica?
What was the social/cultural response anticipating independence?
How quickly does a transition to independence happen?
What type of currency were we using at the transition to independence?
Downtown Kingston and entertainment options (e.g. movies, live music etc) back in the day.
What was violence like and the extent of it?
Did you have a fear of Kingston, as someone coming from rural Jamaica?
How did life change for you once you could afford more?
How would you compare Jamaica then to now?
How do you process the changes in life and culture as you are ageing?
Is there anything you would want to see moving forward or are we on the right path?
What would be your top 3 countries that you have travelled to?

Have you ever had sex in a public place and if so where?

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Wendel Guthrie
Wendel Guthrie
Jamaican OB/GYN and Agronomist
Jamaica Then vs Now feat. Wendel Guthrie (015)
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