Life As A First-Time Mom feat. Stacy-Ann Sutherland (013)

Being a first-time mother is no easy feat. Filmmaker/Director/Producer/Storyteller, Stacy-Ann Sutherland gives us a candid take on her journey to motherhood and her life now.
In this episode I speak with a first-time mom about her journey from becoming pregnant, bringing a child into the world and life after a baby.  Storyteller, Stacy-Ann Sutherland, gives us a candid take on her experience.

Who are you?
How did you get into film?
How old are you?
What was your vision for being a mother pre-pregnancy?
Did you have an example of a stable parental unit growing up?
Did you have sex with the intention of having a baby?
Why did you give your child the name you did?
Are you a single mother? How do you define being a single mother?
Tell me about when you found out you were pregnant?
Walk me through the 9 months of pregnancy?
You felt like people changed towards you when you became pregnant and why?
What was your pregnancy weight gain?
Are there any distinguishing features of your pregnancy?
Tell me about having a doula and having a water birth?
How is a water birth executed in Jamaica?
Tell me about life immediately post-delivery?
What do you miss about your pre-pregnant life?
Summarize your experience with depression?
Explanation of a Baby Mother and Baby Father?
Are you thinking about dating while pregnant and after delivery?
Did you think you would meet someone new as a new mother?
What do you think a year alone with your child would provide for you to prepare to date again?
Are you actually comfortable getting back into the game of dating and meeting people?
Do you think Jamaican men are prepared to date a woman with a child?
Have you been dating?
Are there any other insecurities or concerns you have to deal with after having a baby?
How do you cope with any insecurities you may have?
Support Systems when you have a young baby
If you could go back in time, would you change anything?
What does it feel like to bring a new life into the world?
How do you see life moving forward in an ideal world?
What are expenses like with a new baby?
What kind of tips do you want to give to young women who have never had a baby?

Follow Stacy-Ann Sutherland as a Filmmaker/Director/Producer/Storyteller @directedbysasfilms and as a human @sas_to_di_films

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“Flow not force” - Stacy-Ann Sutherland

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Life As A First-Time Mom feat. Stacy-Ann Sutherland (013)
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