ME & The Jones' - The Law of Comparison (012)

In this episode, I take you on a journey through the many comparisons I’ve punished myself with over the years, and how I have overcome many and continue to battle others. I explore the big bad ego and individuation as a means to self-actualization.
Episode Outline:
  • Episode Intro
  • Truth Bomb - What do you secretly collect?
  • Where I am now in music, medicine and life
  • Definition of comparison
  • Definition of ‘Keeping Up with The Jones’’
  • My Jones’ - Music, Medicine, Daily Life, Gym
  • My Music Experiences
    • Music - Having a different schedule from my 9-5er friends. Where I reached in the industry versus where I thought I would be.  Whether I am good enough.
  • Ego as defined by Eckhart Tolle
  • There are truths to comparisons
  • My Medical Experiences 
    • Feeling inadequate for not specializing
    • Expected assets/income
  • Life Experiences
    • Not having children
  • Negative effects of comparison
    • Over-inflated ego and how it manifests
    • Resenting others for what they have
    • Not being able to be happy for others (Bad mind)
    • Talking a lot about your accomplishments
    • Talking negatively about others, especially in a public space.
  • How to overcome comparison and the desire to keep up with the Joneses
    • Develop and awareness of when you compare yourself to others
    • Stop yourself from doing it
    • Count Your Blessings and make that a practice
    • Focus on your strengths
    • Accept imperfection
    • Don’t Knock others down
    • Don’t focus on rank but focus on the journey
    • Come to a place of acceptance with your choices
    • Use comparison as a motivator
    • You are enough - “To Love is to stop comparing” - Bernard G rassett
  • Where I want to be
  • How I’ve managed to stay the course of limiting comparison
    • Individuation
    • Self-Actualisation


Free Yourself from Your Ego Armor
Eckhart Tolle, author of A New Earth, explains how to break through the shell that separates you from your true self.

Check out this awesome Super Soul Conversation: Oprah on the False Power of Ego

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“Given that we are imperfect, focus on being better than where we were” - Mario Evon

“I cannot use someone else's achievements to diminish my journey.” - Mario Evon

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ME & The Jones' - The Law of Comparison (012)
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